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The Yogi Artist at Yogi Art Gallery

Mingyur Tsewang (Yogi Artist) - Born on 1982 AD, started painting and art since his school age and get training after his high school in 1998. He receives training on Thangka painting by one of famous Tibetan Thangka Artist, Mr. Karma Thupten Lama. Later on Mingyur T Lama works as one of younger thangka artist among artist in the Lama Art gallery. which was actually run by Norbhu Lingka Hotel, thamel. Mr.Mukhiya N lama he and his own brother PT lama was the owner of Hotel and the gallery both he was himself a great master artist in traditional thangka art.

Works as artist in his gallery under his supervision for several years at that time we all learn a lots about art and thangka in more detail...after few years later Mukhiya N Lama sugessted me to do morden contemporary medium art base on oil an acrylic paintings ,because he was truly with an amazing thought on arts creation . Always doing more new creative works not only on art even on craft works

Also he had help me to sent to learn some private art class there I learned techniques, medium on contemporary art and all about canvas .Meeting with renowned artist likes mr bara (babu raja dyola).Sharping his knowledge and ideas more in arts .

He started to paint on canvas as well. with collaboration of his themes and vision we done so many paintings on different subject..Mukhiya N Lama had offered me decided our own gallery together . so we named our new art gallery ( yogi) yogiart gallery . we had works so many art project togather and did several art exhibition togather sucessfully.

Our great living yogi artist Mukhiya N Lama has handed me yogiart gallery but he was still guiding and supported for us for team yogi art and crafts .he was in his reteired life happily in manang.

Beside Thangka and ritual painting, Yogi Artist (Mingyur Tsewang ) is also doing oil and acrylic base painting, portrays expressing vitality, dynamic through a modern interpretation of traditional themes. His works are now in collection of local business, private home and also renowned national and international collections.

Now, Yogi Artist is the owner of Yogi Art Gallery in Kathmandu, Nepal. He has started his art gallery in 2014 with two artist and now he has 7 more artist working with him under his supervision. At the same time he is associated with other Thangka painting houses. He has been to different art trade fair in Nepal and China.

One can vist the Yogi Art Gallery at Ichangu Narayan. The Yogi Artist also give tarining on Thangka painting and oil paintings.

We provide Thankga Paintings, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, Statues, Singing Bowls, Ritual Objects, Tibetan Incense, Prayer Beads (Mala) and many more.

Yogi Artist